The best there is to rely on when it comes to your business… Offering various industrial tissue paper products to choose in from.


“PAPERTR AFH Tissue Products” is a product line designed specifically for the needs of commercial customers. It includes large and comfortable packaging, as well as a variety of formats to satisfy your business product’s needs.

Away From Home tissue products are for public and community.

AFH Tissue Products

AFH (Away From Home) stands for all the tissue products for hygienic, healthcare and sanitary uses in public places (hospitals, hotels, schools etc.).

AFH Tissue Products are addressed to the use in hotels, restaurants and catering (HoReCa), offices, industry and for hygienic and sanitary uses.

Away From Home Tissue Products include towels paper, toilet paper, handkerchief paper, dispensers and tissue products used in work environments.

Recent studies show that the use of tissue paper towels in the toilets of the public places is much more effective protection than the traditional hand dryers and cloth towels, against the spread of diseases.

We are able to satisfy the requests of customers about sizes, weight (gsm /m2) and packaging of the products.

Depending on customers’ needs, our rolls and single towels, which are available in C-fold, V-interleaved and Z-interleaved sheets, have different characteristics as to the paper type (from 100% recycled to 100% virgin cellulose), their size (format), weight (gsm) and colour.


  • Paper Towels
  • Folded Towels
  • Toilet Seat Covers
  • Napkins
  • Toilet Papers

Tissue Paper AFH Features:

Paper Type

  • Pure cellulose
  • Mixed cellulose
  • White recycled
  • Natural recycled
  • Eco recycled
  • Blue recycled
  • Green recycled
  • Pure cellulose 2 ply
  • Mixed cellulose 2 ply
  • Eco recycled 2 ply