Tissue Paper and Hygiene

The term hygienic tissue paper is used to classify facial tissues, napkins, bathroom tissues and household and AFH towels, wipers, etc. You can see tissue papers at any place and individuals carry them as well.

Tissue papers are the best at sucking oil and dirt and keeps you free of germs, bacteria and even from viruses. Their absorbency feature helps them with that. Absorbency is the main reason that we use tissues in our kitchens and bathrooms that much. Except for the toilet papers, we are all pretty familiar with tissue dispensers in bathrooms. They are usually placed next to an air-dryer. Some people would pick air-dry over tissues believing that it is more hygienic that way. Are they right?

It is extremely important to keep your hands clean and regularly washed because, statistically, 80% of infections are spread by hands. But washing hands is not sufficient alone. Hand drying is also as important as washing. Researchers found out that bacterias were removed from washed hands by the mechanical abrasive action of drying with paper towels. Mayo Clinic Proceeding’s authors say that from a hygiene viewpoint, paper towels are superior to air-dryers.

So, if you want the best cleaning you should choose tissues and use hygienic tissues. Because microbiological test results support these theories showing that many bacterias were transferred from the hands to the paper towels.

The World Health Organization’s opinion on the situation is: “Ideally, hands should be dried using either individual paper towels or hand driers which can dry hands effectively and as quickly as it can be done with paper towels and have been proven not to be associated with the aerosolization of pathogens.”

Another supporting idea comes from Professor Hans Rosling. Rosling, as the world’s one of the leading experts on public health, has stated that the last major outbreak of cholera, which occurred in Chile, was confirmed to have been spread by dirty textile kitchen towels. He has later commented that paper kitchen towels might have prevented that outbreak of disease and public health tragedy. Tissues are easy and cheap ways if you want to stay away from diseases.


Zeynep Şevval Taşar