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Market Insights for Tissue Converters

Tissue converters are responsible for cutting the jumbo reels which come from the converting machine into smaller rolls and/or folded products making them ready for consumers.

What is Tissue Converters’ Job?

Tissue converting process includes 5 main steps: rewinding, embossing, printing, cutting, and folding. There are a few types of machinery that can be used while turning tissue jumbo rolls into finished products. These types of machineries differ from each other based on the products they are manufacturing. For example, to produce toilet papers or paper towels you will need a specific type of machinery, and just like that you will need another type of machinery for folded products.

EMIRSON‘s Tissue Converting Process for Toilet Papers & Paper Towels

To satisfy the consumers tissue converters need more than high quality production. Especially during economic difficulties, it is as important to be able to offer affordable prices and functionality.

Balancing Profitability and Quality

Just like consumers, tissue converters mind purchasing affordable materials for their production. Balancing the costs while offering high quality products are crucial. Managing all areas takes shrewd decision making and undivided attention on the tissue paper industry trends. In the matter, cellulose prices partly affect decisions and profitability. Pricing can be calculated yet one cannot be certain when and how the impact will be seen.

Market Trends: Advices for Tissue Converters

Based on the reports released in 2019, global demand of tissue converting machines directly depends on the demand for tissue paper products and this was enhanced from 2016 to 2019. The statistics show that the global sales for tissue converting machines was valued at $1.123,8 million in 2016 and was expected to reach $1.912,6 million. As we all can guess, these numbers have changed for good dramatically due to the unexpected pandemic.

Tissue Converting Line

Investing in new machinery to support your brand and keep up with the evolution of automation and technology are two main reasons that affect the growth of the global market for tissue converting machines.