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The Matter of Ply in Toilet Papers

There are many qualifications of toilet papers like the type of pulp used in the production, color, scent etc. But there is one quality that separates them into two groups. Two-ply toilet papers and three-ply toilet papers.

Compared to 2 ply options, 3 ply toilet papers are softer and stronger which makes it enough to use fewer sheets. When two options are given to customers, they tend to choose the 3 plies one.

How Different is 3 ply Toilet Paper?

Technical qualities are not always what makes 3 ply toilet papers sell. Sometimes it is just the customers convincing themselves this option must be superior to other ones. However, the extra expense of 3 ply toilet paper makes it a better choice for high-level executive offices, restaurants, and other applications where you are trying to improve the users’ restroom experience.

Other than special occasions it may not be that necessary to buy 3 plies when 2 plies can do the trick. If your goal is to save money while still giving restroom users a positive experience, toilet paper with 1 or 2 plies are most likely enough. When it comes to toilet paper, 3 ply is a rather luxury fit unless it is for most important guests.

How to Choose a Suitable Toilet Paper?

It is significant to check how thick or thin each layer of a sheet is. Of course, it is not possible to open a pack to check the quality if you are not going to purchase it. So, trial-and-error seems to be the only way to find the perfect option.

If each layer is too thin, 2 or 3 ply options will be better options to buy, but if the layers are thicker then 1 or 2 plies will give you what you want.

Considering Toilet Papers’ Effects on Nature

In most cases, regardless of the number of plies, consumers tend to use the same amount of sheets. Because of that, if we want to be more eco-friendly 2 plies would be better for the environment.