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Tissue Paper Industry Goes Sustainable

Among many types of products, the ones that are made of virgin pulp stand out the most as consumers prefer them more. However, this is not a sustainable option since logging is a must to satisfy this demand. Because of this, sustainable options are on the rise in the tissue paper industry.

Changing Consumption Habits

The next generation of customers seems to be more aware of the topics regarding their future. Since one of the most pressing issues of our time is climate change, there is a continuous rise in awareness on the matter. The change in the customers’ consumption habits reflects onto the tissue paper industry as well.

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Sarah Hancock of Best Company shared a similar sentiment. “In my opinion, the sustainability trend that will have the biggest impact on business and consumers in the next decade is the increased awareness, education, and action surrounding sustainability initiatives.” This means, if companies want to keep up and survive this change, they need to invest in their R&D departments and enrich their product lists. 

Eco-Friendly Tissue Paper Options

Toilet papers are the most demanded products in both at-home and away-from-home sectors out of all the tissue paper products. The majority of the toilet papers are made of virgin pulp, which is made of trees that are extremely carbon-dense, contributing to deforestation and climate change. 

Eco-Friendly Tissue Paper

To come up with sustainable options and benefit from the situation, there are a few companies that came up with sustainable tissue paper products. For these companies, bamboo is a great substance to use. For bamboos are ultra-sustainable and grow rapidly, they are an eco-friendly alternative to pulp and chlorine-based toilet papers.

List of Most Sustainable Toilet Paper Brands 2020 | NRDC

If the product is not manufactured by using bamboo, some other factors that can classify them as eco-friendly. Certificates, such as FSC, or the use of recycled pulp can help too. Still, when compared to bamboo, they are not as sufficient in sustainability.

Reusability Trend May Not Be a Good Idea

Reusable tissue papers are also in the market with many options. Regardless of the “tissue paper” part, these products are mostly made of textiles. Because of that, they are sustainable yet not hygienic or practical. 

Reusable Cloth-Tissue Paper