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Top Toilet Paper Manufacturers in Turkey

Toilet paper has always been a popular product for personal hygiene. In Turkey, just like the rest of the world, the demand for tissue paper products has been rising. Because of that, Turkish toilet paper manufacturers enhanced their domestic sales capacity and export capacity.

Toilet Paper Rolls

There are many successful manufacturers in Turkey, here are the top toilet paper manufacturers in Turkey:

Top Turkish Toilet Paper Manufacturers are:

  1. Lila Paper
  2. Hayat Kimya
  4. Viking Paper
  5. Eczacıbaşı Group
  6. Aktul Paper
  7. Koçal Tissue Paper

As PaperTR, we work as a branch of EMIRSON to focus mainly on tissue paper products – finished & semi-finished. With experience over a decade as a company, our team of professionals who has higher knowledge of tissue paper industry we are dedicated to support you and your business.

PaperTR by EMIRSON offers two categories of finished tissue paper products:

Consumer product line Worthy Classic & Worthy Plus which include toilet paper, paper towel, and tissue napkins. And Away From Home product line RelyOn Professional which include jumbo toilet paper, center pull toilet paper, jumbo paper towel, center pull toilet paper, photocell paper towel, Z fold dispenser towel, dispenser napkin, and examination table covers.

Worthy Classic Tissue Napkins and Toilet Papers
Unsliced RelyOn Professional Z Fold Dispenser Towels

Not to mention, tissue jumbo rolls are our main export commodity. In addition to tissue jumbo rolls, paper cup rolls and greyboard are two of the semi-finished products we offer to converters all around the world. Our website, for instance, include a tool that enables you to request an offer at the quickest way, and our calculation chart is in service for anyone.

PaperTR by EMIRSON’s Tissue Jumbo Rolls
PaperTR by EMIRSON’s Greyboard Reels

PaperTR by EMIRSON has the vision to keep develop and lead the industry with continuous innovations, high-quality products, and prioritized customer satisfaction. We always have place for new business partnerships in our day-by-day growing global network. Reach out today to get in touch with our sales team which can serve you in many languages such as Turkish, English, French, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Chinese, and Romanian.