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Who Uses Paper Towel the Most?

Since they were first introduced in 1907 in the U.S., paper towel made ground in millions of kitchens worldwide. These products have similar purposes to conventional towels, such as drying hands, wiping windows and other surfaces, dusting, and cleaning up spills. This availability of multipurpose use made things easier for paper towels to be loved and used.

The Market in Europe

Germany holds a major share in European paper towel market with $1,003 million in 2019. Shifting consumer preferences in the country drive the demand for tissue paper products made up of recycled or other eco-friendly materials.

The U.K is expected to experience a growth during the years 2020-2027 due to the rising infrastructural facilities related to the restaurant and hotels which support the demand for kitchen and tabletop paper towels.

Countries like France, the Netherlands, Czechia, and Bulgaria are mainly driven by the rising import volume of paper-based products which support the demand for such items in these countries. According to the Association of French Paper Industry, the total import volume of the paper & cardboards in France reached 5.18 million tones in 2019.

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Paper Towel Market in the USA

The United States of America hold the title of being the most paper towel consuming country in the world. According to Euromonitor International’s 2017 report, Americans accounted for about $5.7 billion of the world total which was $12 billion at the time.

This means the consumption in the US makes almost half of the global consumption. The reason for that is explained by Uduslivaia with America’s relatively wealthy and large population: “A strong economy can support more spending on non-essentials like paper towels and purchases of higher-quality products.”

These rates changed for good in the following years. Statista reports show that for the 52 weeks ended October 4, 2020, paper towel sales in the US amounted to $6.47 billion and 321.87 million Americans used paper towels in the same year. As an additional information, the most preferred packaging option was 5-7 rolls / pack for around 110 million consumers used them.